Sustainable processes

We have challenged ourselves to look ahead and ask how we can ensure that sustainability becomes more efficient and more effective.
To do this, we collaborate with incubator funds and accelerator programmes to support innovation in sustainable materials and processes.
Our partners include H-Farm, Singularity University, Fashion for Good and Plug and Play.
Together we work to stimulate disruptive innovation, identifying innovative start-ups and supporting them in scaling-up their technologies and new business models.

We also work with MIL (Material Innovation Lab), founded by Kering in 2013.
We create the right climate to give our people the chance to think innovatively, gathering their ideas through internal initiatives such as the Leadership & Innovation Program.
During 2017 Gucci supported a number of new developments, including:
– A solvent-free coating process with bio-based plastic for textile fabrics.
– An innovative leather preservation process.
– An innovative process to enhance the recycling of leather scraps.
– A blockchain system for enhancing the traceability of information.