Gucci is a pioneer and an innovator, and we love to transfer this positive disruption across everything we do. Since April 2018 when we opened the Gucci ArtLab, in Casellina on the outskirts of Florence, this spirit has been evident in bricks-and-mortar making it impossible to miss. The exterior walls feature young art talents who have worked with us, including Unskilled Worker, Ignasi Monreal, Angelica Hicks and Coco Capitan.

Inside, is testament to our relentless push towards a better, smarter future. Standing at over 37.000 square meters with over 900 employees, Gucci ArtLab is the tangible expression of our vital and forward-looking culture. This is a futuristic centre of both industrial craftsmanship and experimentation. Gucci ArtLab is the centre of product development and laboratory testing where we prototype for sample leather goods and shoe production.

It is the first centre in the world where designers enter with both a dream and  an idea, and leave with a physical and digital product. This is thanks to the laboratory and rapid prototyping technologies, research and development centre and the best technology for the production of products and its surrounding components.