Bocconi – Gucci Research Lab

We have a strong relationship with Bocconi University, Milan, where we have helped to build the Luxury Talent and Corporate Associate programmes.

Many graduates from Bocconi will go on to join Gucci. Excitingly we have launched a new three-year strategic partnership to establish the Gucci Research Lab.

London College of Fashion

We have worked with world-leading London College of Fashion. During the 2017 cycle of the Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion, Gucci set 100 students a sustainability challenge from which ten finalist projects were selected.

The chosen projects showed exceptional ingenuity and a multi-disciplinary approach. They blended technology and design. The winners received a Gucci internship.


Gucci collaborates with Bocconi University, Milan, on the Masters in Fashion, Experience & Design Management (MAFED) course. Every year, five international students are given the opportunity to develop a field project, in collaboration with Gucci, specifically on around CSR topics.

Topics pursued by the students have included communications in CSR, product traceability, CSR and retailing and responsible innovation in luxury.

Milano Fashion institute

Along with Vogue Talents, Gucci supports New Sustainable Fashion, held at the Milano Fashion Institute.

One student every year has the chance to carry out an internship experience in the CSR department of Gucci, as a leading company in sustainable luxury.


Gucci committed to a four-year scholarship programme for students studying at Parsons School of Fashion.

The selected scholars will have the opportunity be considered for part-time employment at the Gucci Wooster store, Soho, New York in the capacity of a Personal Assistant to Connectors (PAC). Connectors ensure that each client’s visit is maximised. They are Gucci experts able to create a truly unique and individualized experience.

The PAC is a critical part of the equation, working one on one with the Connector to support them in an orchestrated and seamless way. Being a PAC offers the Parsons scholarship awardees the flexibility to be a Gucci associate while being a full-time Parsons student. Behind the scenes at Gucci, PACs have the opportunity to be considered their Parsons’ experience with a real-world Gucci experience. This position gives real-world insight and learning in buying, merchandising, marketing, visual merchandising, product knowledge, client service, KPI analytics and branding.