Carbon Neutral

To build on longstanding efforts to reduce environmental impacts and drive positive change, Gucci is now offsetting all remaining Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions annually from its own operations and the entire supply chain through four critically important REDD+ projects that support biodiversity and forest conservation around the world.

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As an unprecedented commitment to sustainability leadership in luxury and fashion, Gucci’s supply chain has become carbon neutral. Gucci has been operationally embedding its long-term sustainability strategy into the business over the last years and has taken this next ambitious step to become entirely carbon neutral in recognition that additional measures are required in the immediate given the urgent need for climate action.

As part of a comprehensive approach to account for all its GHG emissions associated with its business activities, Gucci has implemented a hierarchy of actions to first avoid, reduce and restore and as a very last measure offset its remaining GHG emissions in Scopes 1,2 and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. In so doing, Gucci is establishing a new pathway to carbon neutrality highlighting the necessity for businesses to be responsible and accountable for all the emissions across their supply chains.

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Following Climate Week NYC 2019 Marco Bizzarri invited CEOs across all sectors to come together in the CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge. As a solution for urgent climate action, the CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge redefines carbon neutrality to encompass the entire supply chain and holds companies accountable to address the total Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions generated by their business activities in the immediate.

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