Scrap-Less Leather

Scrap-Less is an important initiative created by Gucci to save on waste, water, energy and chemical use in the leather supply chain.

By simply cutting the hide to size before tanning, we are able to process only what we need, while reducing the amounts of chemicals and water required to treat the material. In addition, we only transport useable leather from the tanneries to the factories, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

The Scrap-less methodology has significantly reduced the environmental impact of our leather production when compared to traditional methods.

In 2018, 8 tanneries took part in the project and adopted this optimisation process, doubling last year savings as follows:

– Reduction in energy consumption by 843.000 kW
– Reduction in water consumption and the amount entering the waste stream by 10 million litres’
– Reduction in chemical consumption by 145 tons (including 28 tons of chrome)
– Reduction in leather waste by 66 tons