Synthetic Fibres

Synthetic fibres are increasingly a source of worry for many as they are largely oil-based and have been shown to contribute to marine pollution.
In order to reduce our reliance oil-based synthetic fibres, we are working to increase the proportion of recycled and plant-based fibres we use at Gucci.
We have now incorporated Newlife™ polyester into our ready-to-wear collections.

This is an engineered fibre made 100% from post-consumer bottles, which are sourced, processed and spun into yarns using a mechanical (not chemical) process. The yarns are exclusively made in Italy with a fully traceable supply chain. Gucci was also the first luxury brand to use ECONYL ® regenerated nylon in ready-to-wear pieces, a 100% recycled nylon fibre derived from fishnets, textile waste and a thick pile fabric used for carpets and upholstery called moquette.
In order to maximize the positive benefits of using this innovative material in our ready-to-wear collection we launched with the cooperation of our suppliers the new project “ECONYL®-GUCCI PRE CONSUMER FABRIC TAKE BACK PROGRAM” which recovers any ECONYL® regenerated nylon scraps from our production and transforms them in to a new high-quality yarn. Starting in September 2018, Gucci was the first luxury brand to carry out such a program with this regenerated material.