Sustainable raw materials

We are constantly working to discover more sustainable materials in order to develop products that have a lower impact on the environment.
Currently, all key raw materials in our products meet the standards established by our parent company Kering, as set out in the Kering Standards for Raw Materials and Manufacturing Processes document.

We have established targets to ensure that 95% of our raw materials are traceable to source by 2018, rising to 100% by 2025.

Our own Creative and Product Development Departments works with our recommended list of materials and manufacturing processes as well as an eco-dictionary and a list of the most innovative, renewable materials.

Raw material sourcing milestones


Starting point 2015 Gucci was 73% aligned for smallmum requirements

80% aligned with the Kering Standards for smallmum requirements

Created a Supplier Index of Sustainability to ensure Kering Standards for key raw materials and processes 100% implemented by suppliers by 2025. This raises the bar on social welfare, environmental protection, traceability, animal welfare and chemical use.

Leather supplier: BP on leather tanning under development

Update analysis all leather articles to evaluate alignment with Kering Standards

Reinforce information to suppliers about Kering Standards

Enhance data collection of sourcing from suppliers

CSR survey for supplier to understand level of application of KS:

RTW and SLK supplier: survey on going (90 suppliers involved)

SBU and LG, DIAMOND supplier: survey under development

Metal accessories suppliers: assessment of environmental footprint under development

Guidelines for Creative Department have been shared with the Creative and Product Development Departments. Including the following contents: Recommended materials; recommended manufacturing processes of tanning and textile dyes; materials not to recommend as well as an eco-dictionary and list of sustainable, innovative and renewable materials.