Assessing our Environmental Impact

Behind the scenes an incredible amount of work has taken place to make the EP&L a reality. Fashion involves an epic story from the harvesting of raw materials, to the processing of products and shipping them to store. Every stage has a footprint attached to it.

Thanks to EP&L we quantify in monetary terms the environmental impact of the products we create, measuring greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, water pollution, water consumption, waste disposal, land use in our own operations and across our entire supply chain.

To get a complete picture of this work, visit the EP&L site
To visit the Open Source platform, visit the link here

The EP&L has changed the conversation. The EP&L shows that becoming a more sustainable business creates positive value for our people and our planet. It shows that pursuing values actually creates financial value, generating positive benefits not only for the business and for the planet, but also for society and our stakeholders. It’s what we call a Culture of Purpose.

We have established an ambitious target to reduce our EP&L footprint by 40% relative to business growth by 2025 against the 2015 baseline.

Results for 2018 were very positive. The EP&L Intensity (environmental impact relative to sales) recorded a decrease of around 8% compared to the previous year.  We will continue to work hard to drive improvements in high impact areas to demonstrate quantifiable change.

  2015 2016 2017 2018
EP&L Value (€ million) 163 214 235 289
Revenue (€ million) 3.898 4.378 6.211 8.285
EP&L Intensity (€ EP&L/k€ Revenue) 41,8 48,8 37,9 34,8
Var 2018/2017     . -8,2%
Var 2018/2015 (baseline)     . -16,69%