Our environmental performance

Everything we make and use comes with an ecological footprint – this is the term we use when we calculate all of the resources used in a product, and the likely impact caused by making it. In conventional businesses this impact remains invisible. But the genius of using EP&L is that we purposefully make our impact visible. If there’s a cost or saving to the planet then it will be accounted for.

Through measuring the environmental impacts of all our products we can make informed business decisions, focused on the key impact areas based on real time data, allowing us to make the biggest difference as well as establishing the most robust supply chains for the future.

The higher the EP&L cost, the greater the impact.
To get a closer look at how the EP&L works, see this graphic.
If you’d like to play around a bit more with the EP&L, and make great choices for your own wardrobe, search for and download the EP&L app.