Our environmental performance

Everything we make and use comes with an ecological footprint – this is the term we use when we calculate all of the resources used in a product, and the likely impact caused by making it. In conventional businesses this impact remains invisible. But the genius of using EP&L is that we purposefully make our impact visible. If there’s a cost or saving to the planet then it will be accounted for.

Through measuring the environmental impacts of all our products in terms of carbon emissions, water consumption, air and water pollution, land use, and waste production along the entire supply chain, we can make informed business decisions, focused on the most significant drivers of impacts in our business. This data-driven approach allows us to develop robust business policies and practices to address the risks and opportunities presented by environmental challenges, as well as to make the biggest difference and drive tangible, positive change.

In line with our Culture of Purpose we have launched an Open Source platform where all key data is readily available, with the goal to facilitate collaboration with our peers and across sectors and to work together towards a sustainable future. A future in Equilibrium.

To get a closer look at how the EP&L works, see this graphic.

If you would like to visit the Open Source platform, launched on June 5th in occasion of world environment day, visit the link here.