Assessing our Environmental Impact

Behind the scenes an incredible amount of work has taken place to make the EP&L a reality. Fashion involves an epic story from the harvesting of raw materials, to the processing of products and shipping them to store. Every stage has a footprint attached to it.

Thanks to EP&L we quantify in monetary terms the environmental impact of the products we create, measuring greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, water pollution, water consumption, waste disposal, land use in our own operations and across our entire supply chain.

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  2015 2016 2017
EP&L Value (€ million) 160 215 235
Revenue (€ million) 3.898 4.378 6.211
EP&L Intensity (€ EP&L/k€ Revenue) 41 49 38
Var Ytd/2015(baseline)     -8,2%
2017 vs 2016
PAPER: -63% paper consumption/employee
WATER: -33% water consumption/employee
ENERGY: -18% energy consumption/employee

Environmental Reporting

A decade ago, we began to measure and monitor the environmental performance of our offices, stores and warehouses across the world, on an annual basis.

Over ten years we have increased the scope of our monitoring and improved performance.

The Built Environment

Transport-related Emissions